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Belton offers a wide selection of beverage concentrates in both naturally sweetened and sugar-free options in 5 + 1 concentrates.

Bag in Box Soft Drink Syrups

Belton offers many Bag in Box soft drink syrups as an alternative to more expensive national brands. With their lower cost per serving, Belton syrups can save you thousands of dollars over the course of a year. On average Belton syrups cost 25 to 30% less per gallon than the leading national brands. All Belton soft drink concentrates are available in a sugar-free option.

When you order Belton's Bag in Box soft drink syrups, we will work with you or your distributor to be sure our product will fit your fountain system.

Flavor Enhancing Syrups

Belton's flavor enhancing syrups are formulated to blend with national brand beverages. They add a flavor burst to the finished fountain beverage and are available in a variety of sizes. Our 3 Gallon Bag in Box products are very popular among many C-store outlets. We have all the popular flavors and again will make sure it fits your current system.

Shake Bases

Enhance the flavor, color and sweetness of any milkshake with Belton’s Shake Base Syrups. We offer fruited and non fruited shake bases in several flavors.

Red Raspberry
Energy Boost

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